Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake

These are classic American childhood flavors, combined in very grown-up way. The cake features a crispy wafer crust topped with layers of peanut butter and chocolate mousse, then finished with a chocolate glaze and a sprinkling of crunchy peanuts.

Shingled Sweet Potatoes with Harrisa & Pistachio Dukkah

Harissa lends both a spiciness and an earthiness to this savory sweet potato dish. It gets a final flourish of Dukkah, a Middle Eastern seasoning made of toasted nuts, seeds and spices and is as much a snack as it is a seasoning.

Asian Marinated (Wagyu) Skirt Steak

SERVES 4 This simple Asian marinade is so versatile and almost effortless, it will become a staple in your grilling repertoire. Southeast Asian flair, takes mere minutes to make this steak and, the marinade of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, honey and lime is ideal for skirt steak, but it works beautifully with any tender meats…

Meyer Lemon-Lavender Tart with Rich Nut Tart Crust

Sweet and juicy, Meyer lemons are prized by chefs and loved by home cooks. The Meyer lemon has always been something of a California secret, and every year when its brief growing season begins in early Spring, eager cooks passionately seek them out. The Meyer lemon is not as assertive as the common supermarket varieties,…